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Here we would like to give you a short introduction to Mönchengladbach Carnival. Due to the large amount of content offered on our website, we are sorry to say, that we are - at least at the moment - not able to provide all the information in English or even other languages.

But we hope you can get a general idea of what Carnival in Mönchengladbach is. If you want to have further information, don't hesitate to contact us:


General Information


First time mentioned in Mönchengadbachs history Rose Monday is in 1640. Verifiably carnival is been celebrated in Mönchengladbach since the middle of the 19th century: in 1836 proms and balls are publicly advertised, the first carnival association was founded 1857.


Over the decades certain traditions and customs as well as an own kind of culture emerged: the indoor and outdoor festivities (sessions and balls) characteristic artists and performances, costumes and medals and - last but not least - the street carnival the so called crazy days, culminating in the grand parade on Violet Tuesday.


Traditionally, the carnival season starts at 11:11h on November, 11th by awaking the Hoppeditz, the ghost of carnival. During the Advent and Christmas period the carnival spirit is temporarily suspended and picks up again in the first days of January. Given its Christian roots, the weekend when carnival is celebrated is determined by the Christian Church calendar: It takes place right before Ash Wednesday, which in turn marks the beginning of Lent leading up to Good Friday and Easter. Street carnival, the so called "crazy days" and highlight of every season, launches out on Thursday (Altweiber, Women’s Carnival Day) before Ash Wednesday. Climax of this extended weekend is the grand parade on violet tuesday after which the carnival season comes to an end.

Each season runs with an own motto. Additionally each season a prince and princess of carnival is proclaimed.


During a carnival season about 300 events take place in Mönchengladbach. Carnival sessions, costume parties, various outdoor festivities and the numerous parades, especially the grand parade on Violet's Tuesday.

Additionally the carnival associations organize plenty of festivites in summer time.

Further Information


Mönchengladbacher KarnevalsVerband e.V. is the umbrella organization of Mönchengladbach carnival associations. It's purpose is cultivation and promotion of traditional customs, especially rhenish carnival. MKV is recognised as charitable by tax authorities.



Prince and Princess


Grand Parade on Violet's Tuesday


About Carnival in Mönchengladbach



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